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Community events

Group Entertainment: Awaken the Group Spirit with Our Fun Activities

Volt Events is proud to work with communities to create moments of pure entertainment. Our entertainment is specially designed to bring people together and add a touch of positive energy to community events .

Whether it's for a neighborhood party, a municipal fair or an association event, we provide leisure solutions that transcend generations: inviting inflatable games for all ages, modern entertainment to energize the atmosphere, and play areas that become the heart of the party.


United by Entertainment: Experience Our Community Animations

At Volt Events, we know that the variety of audiences within communities demands special attention to safety and inclusivity.

That's why we offer entertainment that meets the most stringent safety standards while cultivating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We tailor our facilities to be accessible and enjoyable for every participant, whatever their age or ability, so that the collective experience is always synonymous with shared pleasure and memorable souvenirs.

Create Unforgettable Moments: Discover Our Community Animations

Including Volt Events' services in your community entertainment program means bringing new energy to your events. We bring creative, on-trend entertainment concepts that attract and hold the attention of communities.

From impromptu sports tournaments to collective discovery adventures, our activities are designed to encourage active participation and strengthen bonds within the community. With Volt Events, every event becomes an opportunity to discover and enjoy high-tech entertainment.

Videos of community events organized by our teams all over France.

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Community events


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