Volt Quiz & Blindtest - Team building activities

The Volt Quiz & Blindtest animation can be customized to energize your team-building and corporate events. This playful experience strengthens interaction between employees and consolidates professional bonds. Tailored to your team's specific interests, it offers a variety of relevant questions, promoting learning and fun.

The Volt Quiz engages with a variety of questions, highlighting your team's knowledge and achievements. The Volt Blindtest creates a festive atmosphere where everyone is carried away by the music. These activities encourage collaboration and communication, strengthening team spirit and dynamism within your company.

The TV Quiz!


Our software lets you customize questions and visuals! 

  • Tailor-made quiz!

  • Real-time tracking of scores and rankings

  • Abiance guaranteed for all occasions

Technical details

Players : 2 to 200 simultaneous players

Installation: 45 min to 1h30 min depending on accessibility and options chosen

Play area: indoor and sheltered space

electricity: 220V access



The sound system

Latest-generation model with integrated sensors / LED information display and reverse gear


Connected accessories

All necessary equipment


lighting effects

Lighting effects to set the mood

Animation quiz & blindtest for everyone

Snow Sports Adventure

Ideal for company parties, team-building and incentive activities. Organize a quiz or blindtest between colleagues.

Downhill Skiing

Quiz and blindtest activities for groups aged 7 and over: summer camps, town center activities, village festivals... Accessible to all.

Ski Racing

Set up a quiz and blindtest activity at your campsite, hotel or tourist residence. Tournaments, Olympiads, teen club activities...

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